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Interview with amateur boxer Mitch Mundell

Ok so OBVIOUSLY I'm an amateur at this blog, video and editing thing so I apologize off the start for the background noise and my terrible editing skills, but I loved Mitch's story, his personality, and the rawness of the interview, so I had to post it. I filmed on my ipad, so I had no audio equipment and had a lot of technical difficulties so bare with me and I hope you enjoy his story.

I met Mitch through MMA fighter Nathan Maas and just the few things I heard from him had me interested in who he was. There was something I was instantly drawn to, thinking this guy must have an interesting story. I sat down with him at Menefee's Boxing Club where he is training for his first Amateur boxing match to get his story.

This is the very short version as the interview was an hour long. Turns out Mitch is a great talker! I will be posting more videos from the interview along with the full version as there's a lot of great content to share. Next time I'll film without the background noise, and I had to edit quite a bit to get the first video short but wanted to get it posted.

Mitch talks about his first introduction to MMA and boxing, living in California, his surf competition in Hawaii, working with his peers at Unrivaled Sports Performance, turning a new page in life, the technical aspects of fighting, breaking his bad street fighting habits, working with Tony Menefee, and his upcoming first amateur boxing match.

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