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Menefee's Boxing Club

1201 O St Lincoln


One on one with Tony Menefee.  He recommends 1 on 1 time, at least twice a week. Get in better shape & learn the correct form of boxing. Conditioning, self-defense, & competition whatever your training needs are.


His gym is located at 12th and O streets -- actually about a half-block south of O in the basement of the building."Growing up in boxing, I learned a lot of discipline and respect," Menefee said. "And I learned not to carry (fighting) out into the street."If I can make a difference in just one kid's life, it becomes worthwhile to me."In the minds of many, boxing has taken a back seat to mixed martial arts. Menefee is happy to train MMA fighters."All I've ever done is wrestle and box," he said. "(Mixed martial arts) is vicious. Boxing is a lot more technical. It's a game of tag. Tag your opponent and don't get tagged back."That's the most important thing my dad (Ray) ever taught me about boxing -- don't get hit."The gym is open Monday through Thursday."Twenty-four-hundred square feet, so I have lots of room," Menefee said. "I'm in the process of still getting more equipment, but I have the necessities."He said he offers one-on-one instruction and prefers working with ages 10 and up.He'll work with either professionals or amateurs.He'll train folks who just want to get into shape or learn self-defense."I have husbands and wives who come in just for the training aspect," said Menefee, who fought Roberto Duran and Hector "Macho" Camacho on ESPN.

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